Combining culture and summer

Summertime is often the best time for people to take some vacations and unwind after a long year. However, the mind never rests whether you are a child or adult, and using a vacation can help expand your knowledge of culture and the country you are in. Everyone loves summer, and even in the rest of the world that love doesn’t fade at all. So here are some of the best celebrations that not only celebrate summer but also can be a good place to get some culture. White Nights in St. Petersburg The reason that they are called white READ MORE

Little known Cultural festivals worldwide

Normally when people travel for the holidays, they go to Oktoberfest or to the Running of the Bulls, somewhere where it’s popular, crowded, and generally well known. However, for those of us who want to experience the friendship and comradery of going to a different location on a holiday without the crowds, fear not. Several lesser known festivals give the same feeling with fewer crowds and chaos, while still taking you to a foreign environment to celebrate a holiday and have a good and crazy time. So if that is your cup of tea, then these events are for you. READ MORE

Getting a taste of Balinese Bali

Every year thousands upon thousands of visitors head to Bali and are entranced by the culture, the temples and cuisine as well as by the beaches. If you’re lucky enough to be going in 2019 you might consider planning your visit with one of the cultural events that happen every year. That way you might get a tiny view of the country in the way the Balinese see it. March The day of silence and seclusion or Nyepi, as it is called, is a little like the Day of Atonement in Jewish culture. Most Balinese get off the streets for READ MORE

Cultural events all the more exciting because they are rare

Festivals have a certain cachet about them, but what makes one worth visiting over another one? Well, one element might be its scarcity value. Lake Eyre, Southern Australia The idea of the desert flowering has a romance all to itself. Lake Eyre in South Australia literally flowers about once in every eight years. When it does it literally bursts into flower and greenery. It attracts wildlife and then slowly it will disappear. The amount of rainfall to date, suggests that this could be a year (2018) when it takes place. But bear in mind, the lake has filled only three READ MORE

What is a world cultural event?

In case you were unaware, there is such a thing as a world cultural event. No one has yet really defined exactly what this is but UNESCO who has a whole section of their website dedicated to cultural events says its mission is to create the conditions for dialogue among civilizations, cultures, and peoples, based upon respect for commonly shared values. It begins to feel that a world cultural event is a little bit like the World Baseball Series. It is a big deal, no mistake. It matters to hordes of people but they are predominantly people who live and READ MORE