WCF 2016

World Culture Forum - Bali, 2016

Indonesia Appreciates International Folk Dance Festival 2016

Various factors ranging from its thousands of islands, geographical conditions, to its position in the world’s sea trade lines has contributed to Indonesia’s vibrant cultures. Numerous cultures have also developed from inter-cultural acculturation.This is the face of Indonesia, admired by the international community for being home to thousands of island spread across the archipelagic nation, with thousands of ethnicities of different cultures.

Even though Indonesia is consisted of different cultural backgrounds, this nation is able to maintain its unity and integrity. This proves that Indonesia has the ability to stand firm and unite over its hundreds of cultural uniqueness, thus the appointment of Indonesia as the host for the International Folk Dance Festival (IFDF) 2016.

Prof. Endang Caturwati, M.S Berfoto Bersama Perwakilan Peserta

Prof. Endang Caturwati, M.S with participants

Education and Culture Ministry’s Arts Director Endang Caturwati said that Indonesia highly appreciates the folk dance festival despite the absence in participation. “Indonesia does not participate in the festival, because we are the host. If the event is held in other country, we will surely participate in it. But we truly appreciate it,” she said.

Indonesia’s appreciation towards the festival is evidenced in the participation of its choreographers and dancers who performing joint performance at the 2016 World Culture Forum gala dinner at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, 12 October 2016.

IFDF 2016 carries a special theme aimed to show each cultural identity to unify the world. While the goal is, Endang explained, to rise and show the world Indonesia’s diverse culture with values which are very specific and showcase Indonesia as a Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in diversity) country. (Rina)

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