WCF 2016

World Culture Forum - Bali, 2016

International Youth Forum: Experiencing the Life of Rural Balinese Communities

Not only did the participants of the International Youth Forum (IYF) see and observe the life of rural communities in Bali, they also experienced their everyday life.

Bali – The International Youth Forum (IYF) 2016 event continues. On the second day, participants had the opportunity to experience activities the villagers where they are staying. The activity started with an introduction of the history of Tenganan village, Monday (10/10). The participants were given explanations concerning the village history, people’s arts, organizational structure, and so forth. They also engaged in interactive session which held in traditional Balinese Wantilan, where they gathered with leaders of the village.

In addition, participants were also invited to directly observe various art products made by the villagers; rattan art, grimace fabric (geringsing), decorative eggs, as well as decoration drawn on palm leaves. They were also invited to plant trees in the village neigborhood. “The art here is very amazing, I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said a participant from Iceland, Sigridur Thora, amazed.

The lives of the villagers also attracted participants’ interest. “The culture is still strong and it feels comfortable to be here. I’d love to stay here,” said Putu Bayu, a participant from Indonesia. A participant from the Philippines Aldren Hila was also impressed with the hospitality of the villagers. They really enjoyed the atmosphere and the beauty of the village. “The village is charming, very nice, and fun,” said Sebastian, a participant from the Netherlands.

Meanwhile in Bongan village of Tabanan, the participants had the opportunity to attend traditional Balinese Cremation ritual Ngaben together with local residents. Enthusiasm was clearly seen from their faces. They observed carefully every step of the procession and were not hesitate to ask local residents questions related to every detail of the cremation ceremony.

This series of activities will continue until the next two days in four villages (Tenganan, Bedulu, Bongan, and Panglipuran). On Thursday, 13 October, the participants will gather in the Youth Forum meeting in Nusa Dua which is held in conjunction with World Culture Forum 2016 grand plenary.

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