Combining culture and summer

Summertime is often the best time for people to take some vacations and unwind after a long year. However, the mind never rests whether you are a child or adult, and using a vacation can help expand your knowledge of culture and the country you are in.

Everyone loves summer, and even in the rest of the world that love doesn’t fade at all. So here are some of the best celebrations that not only celebrate summer but also can be a good place to get some culture.

White Nights in St. Petersburg

The reason that they are called white nights is because the sun very rarely sets from May to July in Russia, and the locals take advantage of that. The streets never seem to be deserted as bars and restaurants stay open, ballets and operas are performed, and even a mock pirate battle is fought near the end of June.

If you go to this festival, then expect fun and ways to get involved in Russian culture, food, and history with every event you attend… just don’t expect to get much sleep if you aren’t a night owl!

Wainki festival in Poland

Celebrating the pagan history of Poland, this festival has its roots in love and fertility, where women weave wreaths out of herbs and flowers that symbolize love, devotion, and happiness. Then they put them in the river and let them flow towards a group of boats. The men in the boats try to catch their girlfriend’s wreaths in order to give them a guaranteed happy future.

Other events include concerts, bonfires, and fireworks, along with plenty of food and vodka! So if you are interested in Poland’s past and are in the market for a little ancient insurance with your love life, participating in this event just might help you out!

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri festival in Japan

With this being one of the largest festivals in the country, it focuses on the drowsiness that often plagues us during summer and the festival makes people put all that away. Floats and parades are showcased alongside musical instruments as both tourists and locals wear costumes and dance the night away.

Dancing costumes are designed to bring good luck, and can be bought or rented before locals join the parade and dance the night away!Why read or watch culture when you can go to Japan and live it, and this party has no prior requirements

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

Living and breathing fun

Summer isn’t just about relaxation, but around the world, it is seen as a time of renewal and benefit as people reap the harvest of their own hard work and celebrate their own renewal as the festivals go on.

So instead of spending all summer in recovery mode, why not take a little time to hang out with locals, learn some culture, and celebrate all the work you’ve done? Trust me, a few nights of partying will not only immerse you in a new experience with a new culture but also help you feel like a better person afterward.

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