Cultural events all the more exciting because they are rare

Festivals have a certain cachet about them, but what makes one worth visiting over another one? Well, one element might be its scarcity value.

Lake Eyre, Southern Australia

The idea of the desert flowering has a romance all to itself. Lake Eyre in South Australia literally flowers about once in every eight years. When it does it literally bursts into flower and greenery. It attracts wildlife and then slowly it will disappear.

The amount of rainfall to date, suggests that this could be a year (2018) when it takes place. But bear in mind, the lake has filled only three times in 150 years.

A once in a lifetime event

The appearance Haley’s Comet can be considered one of the rare truly once in a lifetime event. We interpret the big star on the Bayeux Tapestry as being when the comet showed up back in 1066. Next showing, by the way, is 2061.

Once in a generation

In Vevey, Switzerland they will have a once in a generation event. It takes place about every 21 years so if you’re really lucky you might be aware of three in the course of your life and perhaps be at 4. It is a huge cultural party and has away more than wine going one.

More than once a generation

There are a couple of events of a religious nature that happen rarely but still more than once in a generation.

A Kumbh Mela is a Hindu religious festival and although they occur elsewhere more frequently, the one in Haridwar India only takes place once every 12 years and is likely to start late next year. The event is six weeks longs and will attract hundreds of thousands.

A different religion altogether and a little further out, Oberammergau Germany is the site of the infamous Passion Plays which only take place once every 10 years. 2020 is the next year, but be warned. These are immensely popular and you may find that even if you start planning now – you might late.

Once every four years

Around the globe, we descend into a sporting frenzy every four years, except it is different sports every four years. In 2020 we dash back to Olympic madness, in 2019 we have the Rugby World Cup and this year the Football (soccer) World Cup took the playing world by storm.

And three years?

Yokohama Japan has a huge contemporary art show once every three years and Venice actively increases the number of tourists it can hold at any one time by hosting an art exhibition every two years.

Heading across the world to check it out

If you’re lucky enough to be able to head across the globe to see events like these, they are made all the more special by being a rarity. Head to Mardi Gras in Rio or if not there New Orleans. It is always fun, but if you missed it this year, there’s always next.

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